Abrasive Blasting

surface preparation with abrasive blasting

At Crest Coating, we know the key to a good finish is the surface preparation. Abrasive blasting is the best way to remove rust and oxidation, and at the same time provide a good surface on which coating can adhere. In our equipment we use only the finest media and clean, filtered air to ensure surfaces are ready for finishing. With our wide variety of equipment we can handle parts in all shapes,sizes and quantities.

We also offer an array of abrasive blast medias to suit all of our customers’ needs, and with our automated blast capabilities, we offer this service at very competitive pricing.

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Our equipment includes:

·        12’W x 10’H x 15’L blast room

·        10’W x 8’H x 12’L blast room

·        Two Goff® spinners-hanger blasters

·        Goff® tumble blaster

·        5 reach –in cabinets

Our media offering includes:

·        Aluminum Oxide (various sizes)

·        Steel shot

·        Steel grit

·        Plastic bead

·        Glass bead

·        Starblast®

·        Garnett