Halar Coating

Halar coating

HALAR coating is extremely resistant to high and low temperatures, is impact resistant, and also resists chemicals, corrosion and electricity. It is usually used to coat products that may be exposed to high amounts of friction, because a HALAR coating will minimize the amount of wear that the products suffer.

HALAR® is essentially a 1:1 alternating copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoro-ethylene (ECTFE). By weight, it contains about 80% ECTFE, one of the most chemically resistant materials that can be used to make a polymer. Though ECTFE homopolymers are excellent materials, they are difficult to fabricate into complex shapes. By copolymerizing ECTFE with ethylene, HALAR coating combines the chemical resistance of ECTFE-based materials with easy processability.

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Chemical resistant
Continuous use to 300º F in many applications
Dimensionally stable
Excellent fire resistance
Extremely smooth surface
Mechanically tough with excellent abrasion and impact resistance
Minimal cold flow

Example Products

Chemical Processing Tanks
Hi-purity Applications
Semiconductor Ventilation Systems

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