Halar® Coatings

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Halar coatings
HALAR® is essentially a 1:1 alternating copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoro-ethylene (ECTFE). By weight, it contains about 80% ECTFE, one of the most chemically resistant materials that can be used to make a polymer. Though ECTFE homopolymers are excellent materials, they are difficult to fabricate into complex shapes. By copolymerizing ECTFE with ethylene, HALAR® combines the chemical resistance of ECTFE-based materials with easy processability.






Chemical resistant
Continuous use to 300º F in many applications
Dimensionally stable
Excellent fire resistance
Extremely smooth surface
Mechanically tough with excellent abrasion and impact resistance
Minimal cold flow

Example Products

Chemical Processing Tanks
Hi-purity Applications
Semiconductor Ventillation Systems

Equipment List

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