In-House Capabilities

We have the key resources and talents in-house to bring you the most innovative solutions specific to your needs.

Our capabilities include:

  • 4 conveyorized lines
    • High volume powder line up to 600F (up to 13’ lengths)
    • High temp coating line up to 850F (powder or liquid)
    • High temp coating line up to 750F (powder or liquid)
    • High temp coating line up to 650F (large parts up to 19’ lengths (powder or liquid))
  • Belt line for high temp coatings (up to 850F)
  • 10’ X 10’ X 10’ oven (up to 800F)
  • Multiple batch ovens
  • Zinc phosphate (Per TTC-490 Type 1)
  • 5 stage iron phosphate pretreatment with polymer seal
  • 6 stage zirconium pretreatment with polymer seal
  • Stripping (Heat, chemical, blast)
  • Automated/Manual Media Blasting (shot, grit, glass, plastic)
  • Trucking
  • Rotary printing
  • Silk screening (Screen Printing)
  • Pad printing
  • Engineering
  • Masking/packaging/assembly

Quality Assurance

Our highest priority is consistent quality and exceeding our customer’s most demanding requirements. To meet this goal requires the latest in inspection equipment.

  • Spectrophotometer for color measurement
  • In house Salt Spray (Per ASTM-B117)
  • Datapaq oven profiler
  • Mandrel bend/Impact testers
  • PsychrometerHypot® Tester
  • Profilometer
  • Laser temperature measurement
  • Magnetic thickness gauges
  • Eddy current thickness gauges
  • Tooke gauge for coating thickness
  • High power microscope
  • Gloss meter
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