Industrial Powder Coating Services

As industrial powder coating experts, Crest Coating knows it takes the proper powder coating equipment to produce a quality product. If the necessary equipment is not available, we design it ourselves.

Our various conveyorized lines permit us to efficiently process large production powder coat runs, as well as smaller custom runs. Crest uses no shortcuts, resulting in a reject rate of less than 1 percent. Customers with “just in time” purchasing rely on us to provide the quality services they want, in the quantities they need, on the schedule that they specify.

With the latest in electronic measuring and monitoring equipment, and a quality system complying with ISO9001:AS9100 standards, our emphasis is on producing the highest quality possible. The bottom line is a superior powder coat finish, competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and quick turn around.

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powder coating production


  • Over 50 years of technical and engineering expertise
  • Quality equipment, custom-designed if necessary
  • Automatic powder coating tunnel
  • Various conveyorized lines for large and small production runs
  • Reject rate of less than 1 percent
  • “Just in time” production
  • The latest in electronic measuring and monitoring equipment
  • Quality system complying to ISO9001:AS9100 standards

Applicable Surfaces

  • All Types of Metals (Aluminum, Stainless Steel, HRS, CRS, etc)
  • Cast Parts
  • Extrusions
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Wood


All Standard and Custom Colors available

Coating Thickness

Typically from 2 to 4 mils

Pre-Treatment Process

Substrate preparation and pretreatment for powder coating is as important as the coating itself. Pretreatment is essential to ensure both product longevity and outstanding appearance. It is a production step that cannot be compromised. At Crest, pretreatment receives the highest priority. We have the engineering experience, know-how, and equipment to properly pre-treat your products:

  • Iron phosphate and Zirconium pretreatment systems with only reverse osmosis and deionized water throughout then finished with a polymer seal rinse
  • In-house 6-stage zinc phosphate line that complies with TT-C-490
  • In-house sandblasting using aluminum oxide, glass bead, steel shot, garnet, and plastic media (walk-in, cabinet and automated)



ISO9001: 2015 certified AAMA 2605
Qualified by many OEMs in Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical Processing, Medical, etc.

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