PFA Powder Coating

PFA powder coating

PFA® offers the high temp properties and performance of PTFE® (Teflon™) in a thermoplastic. This unique balance of properties combined with the capability of uniformly coating complex shapes with thin or thick films offers the ultimate in fluorocarbon coatings. PFA® comes in industrial and food compatible grades. PFA powder coating offers the same excellent combination of physical properties unique to PTFE®. PFA® is available in both water-based liquid and powder forms.

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  • Non stick – few substances will adhere to PFA, making it an excellent choice for mold release
  • Heat resistant – continuous use up to 500 degrees
  • Cryogenic stability – can be used as a coating for sealing purposes
  • Non wetting characteristics – PFA powder coating is both oleophobic and hydrophobic
  • Exceptional dielectric properties
  • Low coefficient of friction- kinetic coefficient of friction against polished steel is 0.1
  • Chemical resistance – PFA is chemically inert to most chemicals providing superior corrosion resistance in applications ranging from tanks to pumps to chemical transport.

Use Temperature Range

-400º F to 500º F

Equipment List

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