Screen Printing and Pad Printing


pad printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, can be used on products of various shapes, sizes and substrates. We can reproduce a small or large image on a product up to 8-feet across. Screen printing is a good choice for both short and long runs, with single or multiple colors. Some jobs may require the fabrication of a custom-shaped screen due to bends, studs, or if it is on an inside surface, and our in-house screen making department can design and fabricate this for you.

Pad printing can be used on small products of various substrates. It is uniquely suited to printing irregular shapes and surfaces, such as round, convex and concave. Examples include golf balls, calculator and computer keys, pens, key chains, lighters, etc. Pad printing is best suited for large volume runs, and its faster production rate can result in a lower cost than screen printing. Image size ranges from extremely small up to a 3 inch diameter.

Rotary Printing is a process used to print cylinder shaped products by rotating the screen with the product. It’s best for printing products such as water bottles, dials, rods or tubing. Good for short or long runs with a small or maximum image size of 4.00″ vertical x 4.50″ horizontal.

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Applicable Surfaces

spacer Aluminum
Painted Surfaces
Powder Coated Surfaces

Applicable Size


spacer Up to 3 inches diameter (Pad Printing)
Up to 4.5 inches diameter (Rotary Printing)
Up to 8 feet across (Screen Printing)

Custom Shapes


spacer Irregular shaped screens fabricated on-site

Example Products

spacer Advertising Specialties
Aerospace, Medical, and Military Parts
Automotive Parts
Calculator and Computer Keys
Electronic Panels and Chassis
Golf Balls
Key Chains
Lexan Overlays
Mold Injected Parts
Point-of-Purchase Displays