Nylon Powder Coating

nylon powder coating

When a protective coating is your primary objective, make Nylon your first choice. Commonly used in high-performance applications such as automotive, office furniture, and appliances, nylon powder coatings offer an outstanding cost-performance ratio. Nylon powder coating combines thermal stability, physical durability, chemical resistance and mechanical integrity into a coating material that stands up to almost anything. These coatings are virtually impervious to extremes of pressure, PH, and temperature. Nylon has high dimensional stability, good resistance to stress cracking, and low moisture absorption. It also has a low coefficient of friction and excellent abrasion resistance. Nylon powder coating is a green product because it is made from a renewable raw material, namely castor seed oil.

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Excellent Corrosion Resistance To:
Waste water
Salt water 
Chemical Resistance To:
Alkalis and many others

Features Outstanding:
Abrasion resistance
Impact resistance
Thermal resistance
Weathering and chalking resistance

Has Low:
Coefficient of friction

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