When it comes to the powder coatings we provide, every one of our clients has unique needs that must be addressed. This means that our team meticulously researches the constraints of each project and finds a solution that best meets its requirements.

Often, this solution is the versatile nylon powder coating. Typically applied as a powder that can be sprayed traditionally or applied via a fluidized bed process that involves dipping small parts into a specialized tank, nylon powder coating can be applied as thin as 0.003″ to over 0.020″ thick. And with various conveyorized lines, your business will have no trouble efficiently processing large production runs as well as smaller custom runs.

So, what are the best applications for nylon powder coating? The beauty of nylon is that it can easily be utilized across a variety of industries from oil to manufacturing. Here are a few potential uses:

  • Oil & Gas – pipes, valves, tools
  • Automotive – coils, springs, clips, wires
  • Medical – surgical tools, instruments, testing equipment
  • Water Management – tanks, pipes, potable water solutions
  • Manufacturing – racks, tooling, feeder trays
  • Home goods – dishwasher baskets, tools, shelving

Read below to learn more about nylon powder coating, and the unique benefits it includes. 

Superior Chemical Resistance

If your organization works with chemicals, nylon will help you meet your powder coat needs. Its superior chemical resistance provides dependable results for clients time and time again. There is low risk of corrosion or accelerated equipment degradation, as nylon coatings help maximize the life of your precious equipment, cutting down on overall costs in the process. 

Good Heat Resistance

Nylon powder coatings also perform well in higher-temperature environments. Able to withstand up to 250° Fahrenheit, they are excellent options when moderate temperature resistance is needed. This coating is a great option for anyone whose equipment needs protection through warmer temperature variations like dishwasher baskets, plating racks, or manufacturing fixtures, for example. 

UV stability

UV stability is another argument for using nylon as your powder coating choice. With the ability to survive in environments which have direct exposure to sunlight, nylon can protect in outdoor settings just as well as it does in indoor ones. This is especially beneficial for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Very Low Coefficient of Friction

Another major benefit of using nylon powder coatings is their very low coefficient of friction. Able to reduce power wasted on high-friction surfaces, nylon does a fantastic job of optimizing efficiency when used in applications like the oil & gas industry, for example. Coated pipes, valves and tubes operate more efficiently and consistently. 

High Durability

Nylon powder coatings are also notoriously durable – making for a dependable addition to any project. This durability is also accompanied by high abrasion resistance, which can make a true difference in unpredictable working conditions. Nylon material is especially useful for springs, clips, fittings, bearings, and similar applications for noise & vibration reduction.

Insulation From Heat

Not only are nylon powder coatings resistant to heat, they also make great insulators. That means applications like wiring are a perfect match for this wonder coating. The heat insulation uses don’t stop there; nylon is helpful for tools & implementations across a wide range of other industries. Its properties make it quite effective as a high-dielectric insulator on metals like copper or aluminum.

Autoclave Applications  

In autoclave environments, nylon powder coating has no issue addressing the elevated temperatures and pressures. Medical tools and surgical equipment that needs to consistently be cleaned and reused will have increased longevity compared to uncoated counterparts. This in turn reduces equipment turnover rates and lowers costs in the long run.  

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