PFA Coating in the Food Industry: Safety and Efficiency

PFA Coating in the Food Industry Safety and Efficiency (1)

Innovations in the materials used across the food processing and commercial baking sectors are pivotal in ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality.  Among the most notable advancements, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) has become synonymous with reliability and excellence. Often confused with PTFE (sometimes better known under the DuPont brand name Teflon coating), PFA is commonly used as a…

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Bakeries Find New Benefits from Non-Stick Bakeware Coatings

coated baking pans

Dough troughs use much less oil, and bun pans can be recoated for extended life. Moving a 400-pound blob of bread dough around the plant floor of a commercial bakery doesn’t sound like an easy task. That’s because it isn’t. A commercial bakery might fill a 12-foot-long trough with bread dough so that it can…

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