High Tempurature Coatings

Robotic Spraying Systems for Coatings

Here at Crest Coating, our highest priority is providing consistent quality and exceeding our customers’ most demanding requirements.  In our decades of operation, we have worked hard to stay at the forefront of the newest technologies and tools to achieve that goal.  To that end, our newest investment is a customized 6-axis robotic spraying system.

Why Robotic Spraying Systems?

Robotic spraying systems set themselves apart with their unparalleled precision. You are able to program the robots to perform pinpoint maneuvers and manipulate spray guns in very specific patterns. This translates to a finished product that’s completed according to client specifications. Whether you need to maintain an exacting tolerance across a large surface, or have a uniquely shaped part that needs full coverage, robotic spraying systems are up for the job.

Additional Benefits

One of the biggest benefits to utilizing robotic spraying systems is the uniform coverage that they provide. Unlike manual systems, which have a higher chance of user error, robotic sprayers make sure that the proper volume of coating is applied each time.  With 6 axes of articulation, our robotic spraying system has the control & articulation to coat even the most complex parts with consistent results.  In other words, your projects will get the perfect coat every time, so you can count on uniformity from batch to batch.

Another advantage that robotic spraying systems have is the ability to minimize waste. The nozzles can be programmed to apply the coating differently based on the shape and placement of each part. These systems can also automatically adjust the volume of fluid dispensed, spray distance, nozzle position, and the particular path the spray-arm takes. All of these factors ensure there is very little waste material, making for a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective process.

Our machinery can apply coatings to a variety of different parts, giving our clients a top-quality product in the process. Crest Coatings’ robotic spraying system can handle a wide range of solutions from high volume production to highly precise applications. Our automated spraying system will support & extend our facility’s existing capabilities:

  • 4 conveyorized production lines
    • High volume powder line up to 500°F (up to 13’ lengths)
    • High volume, high temperature line up to 650°F (powder or liquid)
    • High temperature belt line up to 750°F (powder or liquid)
    • Large capacity coating line up to 600°F (large parts up to 19’ length; powder or liquid)
  • Belt line for high temp coatings (up to 850°F)
  • Zinc phosphate (Per TT-C-490, Type 1)
  • 5-stage iron phosphate pretreatment with polymer seal
  • 6-stage zirconium pretreatment with polymer seal
  • Media Blasting (shot, grit, glass, plastic)

Trust Our Robotic Spraying System With Your Coating Needs

Crest Coating, Inc., established in 1967, has unsurpassed experience and knowledge in industrial powder coating services and exotic liquid coatings. For over 40 years we have retained the status of Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator, as well as Approved Applicator for Whitford Xylan®, Halar®, BCS Technologies, and other exotic coatings. We have experience working on complex projects and provide expertise and support for any of our clients’ needs.

At Crest Coating, we value the extensive coating and application knowledge of our staff, who have decades of experience. To find the right coating for your next project, fill out this quick form today, or contact one of our experts by calling 714-635-7090.