What You Need to Know About PTFE Coating Services

Picking a seamless solution for your specified application

What are PTFE coatings?

PTFE coatings (Polytetrafluoroethylene) are non-stick, fluoropolymer, high temp coatings. They have either a one-coat system or a two-coat system of a primer and topcoat. PTFE coating has several features that make them go-to coating options. This specific type of coating has the highest operating temperature of all fluoropolymers at 500°F, a low coefficient of friction, as well as good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Its non-reactive properties, due to strong carbon–fluorine bonds, makes this coating great for applications that must hold up against volatile and corrosive chemicals. We have two main types of PTFE coating service options in house at Crest Coating, Chemours Teflon™ coatings and PPG (formally Whitford) Xylan® coatings.

What is the History behind PTFE coatings?

Roy Plunkett, Inventor of PTFE coatingsTeflon™ coatings were discovered in April of 1938 by Dr. Roy J. Plunkett, a DuPont (now Chemours) chemist. Its discovery was actually accidental. Plunkett was working with another product when the material “polymerized” into a solid that became known as Teflon™. PTFE was later invented, and its invention has been described as “an example of serendipity”. The material showed to be tough and weather resistant, shiny and slick, and have an extremely high melting point.

What are some similar coatings?

Other similar Teflon™ coatings include FEP coatings, PFA coatings, and ETFE coatings. FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer) coatings provide nonporous films and excellent chemical resistance. PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) nonstick coatings are known for offering high continuous use temperatures, toughness, and film thicknesses of up to 1,000 micrometers. Lastly, ETFE (ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene) coatings have great chemical resistance and are the toughest of the fluoropolymer coatings.

Who makes PTFE coatings?

The tools required to apply a Chemours Teflon™ PTFE coatingSince the invention of PTFE coatings, Chemours has done strong research and development towards cultivating different formulations of fluoropolymer coatings for different application needs. Chemours Teflon™ PTFE coatings are superior dry film lubricants with a smooth and slick finish. This finish fuses to substrates with strong adhesion to provide great durability. These industrial, high temp coatings are excellent for minimizing friction and galling. They also prevent seizing, especially where re-lubrication with fluid is inaccessible or there is exposure to dirt or dust. In addition to providing lubrication, fluoropolymer Teflon coatings are used as dry film lubricants to provide ancillary benefits of resistance to heat and cold, chemical and corrosion resistance, and release. Flexible cure temperatures of this product line make it more accessible to a broader range of coaters and end uses. This specific Teflon™ coating is known for its high lubricity in a thin film system, low friction, added fillers, and high heat resistance. The fillers provide additional abrasion resistance for 958G-313, 406, 414, and high heat resistance allows for operating temperatures of up to 500º F. Teflon™ PTFE’s other features include availability in a thin film option (958G-303), superior adhesion, ease of application, and a solvent base for easy clean up.

Whitford Xylan PTFE coating toolsPPG’s PTFE, Xylan®, is known for its low friction, dry-lubrication, reinforcing binder resins, and application on temperature sensitive materials. These PTFE coatings are “extreme performance coatings – working under heavy loads, at high temperatures, in chemical and corrosive environments.” Xylan® PTFE has a low friction, as low as 0.02, that shows wear resistance under extreme pressures, is corrosion resistant, weather resistant, and chemical resistant. It has a wide range of temperature operation (from -420°F to +550°F (-250°C to 285°C)), has a flexible curing schedule of 300°F to 750°F (150°C ~ 400°C), and comes in a variety of colors. It is also known for its pliability, machinability, and adhesion to many materials.

A few other companies make PTFE coatings, such as Daikin, Magni, Doerken, Geomet. With so many options, we can help your company with coating selection based on your specifications and application needs and find the highest performing PTFE coatings for your project.

How are PTFE coatings applied?

PTFE coatings are applied over primers with HVLP spray guns. Different primers are used depending on FDA conforming systems or non-FDA conforming systems. Cure temperatures range from 725° F – 800° F.

What industries use PTFE coatings?

PTFE coating is used in a variety of industries, but is most known for its use in bakeware, automotive, chemical, and oil and gas. Some common end uses for PTFE coatings include slide gates, hinges, blades, AC pistons, springs, bearings, automotive components, steel, lawn and garden equipment, and guide rails.

Where can I get PTFE coating services?

A fluoropolymer solution we find ourselves supplying customers quite often is the PTFE coating. Several companies make this coating, but it’s not always the same from every company. That’s where we come in. We use our coating knowledge to give you the finish that will work best in your environment and for its future usage.

If PTFE sounds like it could be the right solution for one or several of your applications, give Crest Coating a call. We are known for our coating expertise. If PTFE coatings are not the right coatings for you, we’ll work with you to find what performs best.

Why Crest Coating?

At Crest Coating, we always ensure that you are using the best coatings for your specific process and parts. We don’t just use any coating we have that’s for your product. We select the right coating out of several types and brands. Our experience provides a seamless solution for your specialized application.

We’ve Got Your PTFE Coating Services Covered

Established in 1967, we have unsurpassed coatings experience. For over 50 years we have retained the status of Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator, as well as Approved Applicator for Whitford Xylan®. In this ever-changing industry, we continually keep pace with the latest developments. Crest Coating’s engineering expertise is recognized nationwide. From prototype components to high volume production runs, Crest Coating understands your requirements. By having your products coated by Crest Coating, you’ll be adding a new dimension to your own capabilities.