About Xylan Coatings: Series Numbers and Properties

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Xylan coatings offer a wide range of properties that create a heat-resistant, highly impermeable, low-friction surface. Because of these features, Xylan coatings are often used as dry-film lubricants, for mold release, on automotive components, for the bakeware industry,  and in a range of other industrial applications.

Whitford Worldwide Coatings (now a subsidiary of PPG) recognizes the importance of a properly engineered and applied coating system. The Whitford “Quality Approved Coater” program was established to provide industry competent sources to apply their products. Crest Coating has been a charter member in this distinguished network of experts in Xylan coating services.

Whitford QAC: Quality Approved Coater (Industrial)

Whitford Xylan® coatings have a broad range of properties which make them ideal for a variety of applications. Xylan coatings differ from traditional fluoropolymer coatings in that they are all are composite materials. Whitford combined lubricants that have the lowest-known coefficient of friction with the newest high-temperature resistant organic polymers to create versatile & durable coating systems.  

Whitford established the QAC program to address fastener-specific products. It was designed to support the efforts of operators, engineers, end users, OEMs and coaters, by assuring that high standards of quality are consistently achieved in the application of Xylan® coatings. The “Quality Approved Coater” program ensures that manufacturers can find qualified sources to apply Whitford coatings to their products.

Whether you need PTFE, PFA, FEP, or just want something that works, Whitford has Xylan coating systems designed for every industry.  Each product series is categorized by its composition and primary performance properties:

Xylan 1000 Series

Premium dry-film lubricant with widely varying properties such as hard, heat stable, excellent broadband corrosion barrier. The 1000 series has a flexible cure schedule and can be formulated to have good release, electrical conductivity, or fair UV stability. Applied by spraying. Typical applications include sliding mechanisms, bearings, large fasteners, power screws, valves, machine parts, and pistons.

Xylan 1400 Series

The 1400 series coatings were originally formulated to provide protection from chemical attack and mechanical damage.  They offer UV stability for use outdoors.  Several formulations are available that can act as barriers between the base metal and the environment, some which are good dry-film lubricants, and others that are electrically conductive. Common applications include large fasteners and automotive components.

Xylan 1500 Series

Xylan 1500 coatings are decorative enamels with low-friction properties and stain resistance which can operate at elevated temperatures. Unlike many fluoropolymer finishes, coatings in this series may be produced in virtually any color.

Xylan 1800 Series

These coatings exhibit excellent non-stick & release properties and are remarkably smooth industrial grade coatings with good chemical resistance.  These coatings excel in polymer mold release applications, glue pots, or virtually any environment where “sticking” is a problem.

Xylan 8000 Series

Similar characteristics as the 1000 Series but utilizes materials approved by the FDA for food use. Typical applications include warming plates, faucet valves, heating elements, ice makers, pans, and toasters.

Xylan PFA Plus

Excellent chemical and temperature resistance as well as low friction properties. Applied by spraying. Typical applications include plastic and urethane molds, bakery products, and chemical storage tanks.  


Xylar coatings are developed around a ceramic bonding agent rather than the organic resins used in Xylan coatings.  This ceramic building block generates a much harder finish and has the potential for much higher operating temperatures.  It excels in protecting metal from oxidizing due to water in all forms (liquid, steam, ice, saltwater, subterranean condensation, etc.) and protecting metal from high-temperature oxidation at 1000° to 1600°F.  Xylar can also be used as a basecoat on fasteners with a Xylan topcoat to dramatically improve the saltwater corrosion resistance of fasteners to 3500-4000 hours of salt spray performance.

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