Crest Coating Inc. is celebrating 50 years of innovation, collaboration, and transition! For these 50 years, Crest Coating has become a frontrunner in powder coating and exotic liquid coating services by gaining the experience and knowledge of many industries. Contained in two modern buildings totaling over 50,000 square feet, the company has come a long way since their one-building facility in 1967.

Crest Coating was a dream that came to fruition in 1967 by Dave Erickson and Mike Erickson, a father and son team who saw an opportunity to bring this specialized industry to just-blossoming Orange County. In the 1960s, Crest Coating established credibility by specializing in aerospace projects and building customer relationships. In the 1970s, the then established company became more involved in finding solutions for aftermarket appliances, worked with new customers to supply innovatively engineered solutions, and added conveyors to highly specialize and diversify. During this time, they became the first company to apply electrostatic powders, a common technology used today in the industry. During the 1980s, leadership was passed to Mike Erickson, current owner and President, who led the expansion into high volume powder applications and automated some of their blast facilities to better meet the needs of customers. Also during this time, Crest Coating designed a compact powder tunnel, giving them an advantage over most manufacturers whose tunnels were large and cumbersome. From the 1990s through the 2000s, Crest Coating developed a more durable coating system for antennas for major automotive companies, received GM greenlight approval, co-developed the US bakeware industry, and installed two new, cutting-edge wash lines. In 2010, current Vice President, Jeff Erickson, joined the team to make Crest Coating one of Orange County’s unique third generation family owned businesses.

Today, Crest Coating has large capacity conveyorized coating lines, large and small batch capabilities, and provides silk screening, light assembly, and packaging services for their customers. With modern equipment and over one hundred skilled personnel, Crest Coating is at the forefront of the coating industry, and their engineering expertise is recognized nationwide. From prototype components to high volume production runs, Crest Coating understands various industries’ coating requirements. The well-known company supports many industries including waterworks and fasteners, aerospace and defense, automotive, bakeries, and everything in between. The breadth of industries is a source of pride for the family owned company and of confidence for their loyal customers. “Most companies that come to us say they do so because they heard that we were the experts who can solve their problem,” says Mike Erickson.

About Crest Coating Established in 1967, Crest Coating has unsurpassed experience and knowledge in powder coating services and exotic liquid coatings. For 50 years Crest Coating has retained the status of a Dupont Licensed Industrial Applicator, as well as Approved Applicator for Whitford Xylan®, Halar®, BCS Technologies, and other exotic coatings. For more information, visit