powder coating line

Powder Coating in Southern California

Here at Crest Coating, Inc., we pride ourselves on being your #1 choice for powder coating in Orange County and throughout Southern California.  An industry leader since 1967, our company is an approved applicator for a variety of coating applications.  Our two state-of-the-art facilities offer the capacity for jobs large & small, and our commitment to quality will allow your product to stand out from the pack.  When choosing a powder coating supplier, here are some reasons to choose Crest Coating.


  • We have been in operation since 1967 and have tackled nearly every coating challenge imaginable.  As the pioneer of powder coating in Southern California, we have successfully coated metals, plastics, glass and wood.
  • In addition, we are a licensed applicator for Chemours Teflon (formerly DuPont), Whitford Xylan QAC (Quality Approved Coater) and other high performance liquid coatings, assuring you the best available coating for your needs.
  • We have close relationships with a number of coating manufacturers, and we work closely with them in the development & testing of new and improved materials.


  • Our Company has flourished on the principles of loyalty and trust. We have employees in every department with over 15 years of continuous employment, and our management team has a combined experience of over 150 years.
  • Our proven loyalty and longevity also extends to our customers. When you manufacture a product designed to last for years, you want to know that your coater will be there to stand behind it for the duration of its usable life.   Here at Crest Coating, we have stood behind our product quality for the last half century, and continue to do so into the next half century and beyond.


  • We frequently implement new technology to stay at the forefront of the powder coating industry. This includes a state-of-the-art six stage Zirconium pretreatment line that delivers superior durability and performance. You can learn more about our pretreatment process here.
  • We use the most modern materials and, most importantly, have the experience to help you choose the right one. Our powder inventory includes Polyester, Hybrid, Super-durable, Epoxy, Fluoropolymer, High Temperature Resistant, Architectural, and many more.
  • With our in-house lab and testing equipment we have the tools to test the performance of our coating and provide quantitative results before you make any type of commitment.


  • With a 50,000 square foot facility that is split between two buildings, Crest Coating’s flexibility & capacity is unmatched.  We have four full production lines to handle high volume jobs and we have the capacity to run multiple shifts daily to handle maximum volume.  For larger or custom projects, we have a batch oven that can fit parts up to 18 feet long.
  • We also offer additional in-house capabilities to serve as your one-stop shop for all sandblasting, iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, paint stripping and more.


  • Here at Crest Coating, we have strict process management controls based on AS9100 and ISO9001 compliance.  We log and track your parts with the utmost precision through every step of production.
  • Every order you place with us will be processed the exact same way, from delivery to pickup, and as such you can expect to receive the same high-quality finished product every time.