fluoropolymer coatings

Fluoropolymer Coatings Aren’t Just for Pans

Fluoropolymer coatings have many uses in today’s industry beyond the traditional fry pans and cookie sheets.  These coatings can withstand temperatures as high as 550°F and as low as -450°F.  Fluoropolymers provide excellent chemical resistance for highly corrosive environments such as: chemical storage tanks, subsea applications, and air ducting for toxic environments. These coatings also provide a low coefficient of friction and anti-galling for certain applications including: pistons, bearings, and plastic molds.

Fasteners are often coated with fluoropolymers to provide corrosion resistance and “break-free” ability after years of use in the oil & gas, automotive, waterworks and marine industries, to name a few. Every day new applications are discovered for these coatings, and new products are constantly being developed by manufacturers like Chemours and PPG (formerly Whitford).  Today there are hundreds of fluoropolymer variations, and we will provide guidance based on our decades of experience to help you select the best coating solution for your needs.

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