Here at Crest Coating Inc., we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality finished parts. A quality finish starts with a superior pre-treatment application. Our in-house salt spray cabinet, conical mandrel bend, drop weight impact, spectrophotometer and a variety of other test equipment allows us to test various metals with the latest pre-treatments (such as the current nano-technologies being offered today) and super durable powder coatings. We believe all this testing is a huge value added to our customers because they can have greater confidence that their parts will perform in the field.

Our state of the art pre-treatment system has enabled some of our customers to do away with an expensive chromate conversion coating, while still maintaining their stringent salt spray requirements. In addition, we offer zinc phosphate for the ultimate protection on any ferrous substrates.

If an excellent pre-treatment is important to you, then that’s another reason to come to Crest! We’ll gladly engineer a system that meets or surpasses your needs and expectations.