What are the alternatives to Halar ECTFE coating?

coatings facility floor

Halar coating has been unavailable for most of 2021, so Crest Coating has alternatives ready to go! FAQ:  I can’t find Halar coating anywhere, what can I do? I can’t count the number of times I’ve received calls asking about Halar ECTFE availability over the past year. With the global supply chain in turmoil, it…

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How to Coat Nuts & Bolts & Other Fasteners Correctly

Fastener coatings

What you need to know about breakout torque and salt-spray testing. Fasteners that are coated for heavy industry tend to be coated for a very good reason. That’s because the environments where these nuts and bolts hold metal pipes and plates together can be very harsh. They are typically underwater, underground, or exposed to water…

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