Crest Coating Approved to Offer Axalta Architectural Powder Coatings

Crest Coating is excited to announce we have been certified by Axalta to offer Alesta Architectural powder coatings to our customers. We believe these high-quality powder coatings are an excellent addition to our current industrial powder coating offerings that will benefit our customers for years to come. 

Below, we will provide some background on this new offering and explain how it can enhance your next architectural project.   

What Are Alesta AR Architectural Powder Coatings? 

Alesta AR architectural powder coatings are a range of powder coatings from Axalta Coating Systems, a trusted name in the coating industry with more than 150 years of experience. 

The Alesta AR product line allows for design flexibility without sacrificing quality. Colors and textures can be adjusted to match a wide range of building materials, while still preserving desired functions including weatherability and impact and abrasion resistance. Building materials that can be matched range from glass to wood.

Per Axalta Coating Systems, “our coatings are designed to prevent corrosion, increase productivity and enable the materials we coat to last longer.”  Additionally, these coatings are environmentally friendly as the curing process does not require solvents, so almost no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted.  

What Types of Alesta AR Powder Coatings Are Available?

The Alesta AR architectural powder coatings product line consists of three different levels of protection. The different offerings include Alesta AR300 Durable, Alesta AR 400 Super Durable, and Alesta AR500 Hyper Durable. These exceed American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2603, 2604, and 2605 requirements, respectively.   

AR300 and AR400 are both polyesters featuring high-quality exterior-grade pigments, while AR500 utilizes thermosetting fluoropolymer technology to provide the highest level of color and gloss retention. The level of protection needed will depend on the location and function of the surface being coated.

A wide range of colors and textures are available no matter which type of coating you choose. These include metallics, matte and smooth finishes, and anodic. The exact colors within each category will vary with the level of protection you choose.

Metallics imitate metallic finishes and come in varying degrees of silver and bronze. Matte and smooth finishes come in a wide array of colors allowing for greater creativity in projects. Lastly, anodic offers the effect of an anodized finish. The anodic offerings are environmentally friendly and can be used on any metal substrate and shape.  

The Alesta AR architectural powder coatings can be applied to everything from curtain walls to handrails to provide greater surface protection without sacrificing design and aesthetics. 

Crest Coating is here to guide you through the process as you choose the coatings that will best fit the design and functional needs of your next architectural project.  

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