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Crest Coating Now Applies a Full Range of Arkema Powder Coatings

Crest Coating is always looking to offer our customers the highest-quality products and services. In order to support this goal, we are constantly on the lookout for new products to offer. That is why we are excited to announce that we now apply an expanded range of coating systems from the specialty material supplier Arkema!

Arkema is an industry leader focused on developing innovative materials for a sustainable world through their high-performance polymers segment. Below, we will review some of the coatings from this group now being offered by Crest Coating.

Rilsan® Fine Powders

Rilsan® Polyamide 11 (also known as Nylon) is extremely durable by nature. It offers high impact, weathering, corrosion, and cavitation resistance – making it an ideal coating system for a wide range of high performance applications. It is frequently used in aerospace, automotive, industrial and consumer products as a protective coating.  Additionally, it is available in many colors.  

Rilsan is a bio-based and eco-friendly coating refined from castor beans. As such, it is a 100% renewable organic carbon that is commonly used in pipelines and storage tanks for potable water, on non-patient contact medical equipment, and in food processing systems.  

Kynar® PVDF

Kynar® powder coating is ideal if you require higher chemical resistance at an affordable price. PVDF stands for PolyVinylidene DiFluoride, which is a non-reactive fluoropolymer known for resistance to solvents, acids, and hydrocarbons. While effectiveness varies with temperature, it protects against acids and bases, halogens, oxidants, and a number of other chemical substances. It is also resistant to weathering, UV light, nuclear radiation, fungi, and fire. 

Kynar® ADX powder coating does not require primer and comes in rigid and flexible versions. It is available in brown and green colors. 

Kepstan® PEKK

Kepstan® PEKK is an ultra-high performance polymer. Kepstan® based powder coatings provide high temperature and wear resistance, low friction, and greater mechanical durability – which lends it excellent tribological performance.  These characteristics make it ideal for extreme environments. 

The product is easy to apply and does not require a high application temperature relative to similar fluoropolymer coatings like PFA or PEEK. It easily adheres to metal with no primer required.

Pebax® Thermoplastic Elastomers 

Pebax®   industrial grade elastomeric coating offers extra grip and flexibility compared to most powder coatings. It provides impact, fatigue, weathering, chemical, and corrosion resistance. It performs consistently at low temperatures and is great for automotive accessories and industrial equipment.

Pebax® coating is also good for noise reduction. It is currently available in the color black. 

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