Whether you are in a home kitchen, or working in a commercial-scale bakery, the right cookware coating can make all the difference. When manufacturing culinary equipment, the release, durability, and heat resistance of a coating will have a huge impact on the performance of your bakeware and cookware. 

Picking the right coating to use can be stressful. We at Crest Coating are here to break down what qualities are most important in an industrial coating, and can make some recommendations based on our experience. Read below to learn more:

The Cookware Coating Qualities That Matter Most

Not all cookware and bakeware coatings are created equal. Before you settle on a coating, make sure that it meets your standards. 

FDA Approval: There are a wide variety of heat-resistant and non-porous coatings on the market, but only some of them are approved by the FDA to be used to produce food. The coating you use, as well as the application process, must comply with the FDA.

Release: Non-stick surfaces require less work to release food. This reduces the need for expensive oils, saves clean-up time, labor, and overall hassle. For surfaces that come in contact with messy foods, this is highly recommended.

Heat resistance: Not all FDA-approved coatings can take the heat. Pick a coating that is safe and durable at your intended cooking temperature.  Depending on the application, bakeware coatings can withstand continuous temperatures up to 500°F.

Durability: Day-to-day abrasion and chemical cleaners can take their toll on coatings over time. Many formulations on the market can be reapplied to extend lifespan. 

Application: A cookware coating is only as good as it’s applicator. Improper application can lead to poor performance and can even violate FDA regulations. Always have coatings applied by a trusted company with a proven track record of quality and professional certifications. With Crest Coating’s experience as a Licensed Industrial Applicator for Chemours Teflon products, and as a member of PPG Whitford’s Quality Approved Coater program, you can rest assured that our coatings will conform to all quality and safety regulations for food contact.  

Fluoroplastics, A Popular Choice for Commercial Kitchens

When you think nonstick, think Fluoroplastics. This category of coating first entered the market as Teflon in 1945, and has expanded to include different varieties from different manufacturers. These coatings are non-porous, can handle high temperatures, and are very durable. 

There are four popular types of fluoroplastic coatings with FDA-approved formulas available. Both Chemours Teflon and Whitford Xylan are trusted manufacturers of these coatings:

PTFE: This is the most popular nonstick coating for cookware and bakeware applications. It has the highest operating temperatures of any fluoropolymer at 500F. PTFE also has good chemical resistance, superior abrasion resistance, and an extremely low coefficient of friction.  

FEP: This coating has excellent chemical resistance and superior nonstick properties.  It is typically the best option for extremely sticky or tacky substances, like sweets or sugary bread.  The heat resistance on FEP coatings is lower than PTFE or PFA, usually around 400F.

PFA: This coating melts and flows like FEP coatings but takes the benefits even further. PFA offers great toughness, superior chemical resistance and excellent nonstick properties, and a higher continuous use temperature at 500F. This is a very popular coating for these reasons.

Get The Most Out of Your Investment

Cookware coating application matters just as much as the formulation. The right procedure and expertise in an application will realize the full potential of your chosen coating by ensuring it is durable and will perform as intended. Crest Coating is a Teflon Licensed Industrial Applicator as well as a Whitford Xylan Quality Approved Coater. We also have the privilege to be a Bakeware Coating Systems Applicator.

Bakeware Coating Systems & Teflon: Crest Coating is one of two firms licensed to apply BCS Coatings in the U.S. BCS Coating Technologies were specifically developed to address the stringent requirements of commercial bakeries. BCS & Teflon will improve the longevity and performance of your bakeware.

Trust Us With Your Cookware Coating Needs

Crest Coating, Inc., established in 1967, has unsurpassed experience and knowledge in industrial powder coating services and exotic liquid coatings. For over 40 years, we have retained the status of Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator, as well as Approved Applicator for Whitford Xylan®, Halar®, BCS Technologies, and other exotic coatings. We have experience working on complex projects and provide expertise and support for any of our clients’ needs.

At Crest Coating, we value the extensive coating and application knowledge of our staff, who have decades of experience. To find the right coating for your next project, fill out this quick form today, or contact one of our experts by calling 714-635-7090.