Not All Powder Coats Are Created Equal

High-quality powder coating is essential to improving the functionality, appearance, and lifespan of architectural structures like doors, windows, railings, and other essentials. Not all powder coats are created equal, so it is easy to understand why the coating used on your home patio furniture is not the same coating used in sports stadiums. When professionals need to trust that their powder coating will protect and endure for years to come, they look for coatings that have been rigorously tested and rated by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). 

We offer a large selection of architectural powder coating services at Crest Coating, including providing many AAMA rated powder coatings for long-term architectural use. Read more below to learn about the different AAMA rating specifications and the significance of an AAMA Rating to industry professionals:

The FGIA’s AAMA Rating Remains a Trusted Industry Standard

The Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance, FGIA, is a powerhouse of industry knowledge that sets AMAA performance standards and certifies products that meet its high-quality threshold. The FGIA was founded in January 2020 when the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance joined forces. Before this alliance, the AAMA was a trusted trade association relied upon by professionals to set and certify quality standards since 1936.

The FGIA continues the AAMA’s legacy of rating quality products. When we apply AAMA Coatings, our clients trust that we hold ourselves to the highest application standards, and the AAMA holds the coatings themselves to the highest standards of durability.

For When Architectural Coatings Need To Endure

Powder coating in architecture needs to last, so durability is an essential factor for AAMA rating. These coatings need to maintain their color, appearance, and protection of the underlying material for years in various harsh conditions. Two leading causes of an architectural coating losing its integrity over time are weathering and traffic. 

For the AAMA to fully evaluate the weathering resistance of a coating, they perform their weathering tests in south Florida, where harsh UV rays, humidity, and salty air test the limits of a coating’s capabilities. These tests are performed over one, five, and ten years to ensure quality.

Human traffic and daily wear and tear can also push a coating to its limits in an architectural setting. For this reason, coatings seeking an AAMA rating are specifically tested for abrasion resistance, adhesion, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, dry film hardness, and impact resistance, among other criteria.

The Three Ratings For AAMA Powder Coating

The AAMA offers three ratings for powder coatings, each denoting a degree of durability. At Crest Coating, we are fully equipped to provide a range of coatings for architectural applications and follow AAMA Rated Coatings’ standards to provide consistent and durable results.

AAMA 2605 – This is the strictest durability rating a powder coating can achieve through the AAMA. These coatings are ideal for high-rise and long-term applications. AAMA 2605 coatings undergo ten years of Florida Testing. After this, a minimum of 50% gloss retention is required, no more than an 8 ASTM 4214 rating for chalking, and the color may not have changed more than 5 Delta E units. These coatings also meet the strictest criteria for abrasion, impact, chemical, and corrosion resistance. 

AAMA 2604 – These coatings provide an excellent mid-zone for durability, making them the perfect fit for “high touch” surfaces like handrails.  They are Florida Tested for a minimum of 5 years and require a minimum of 30% gloss retention with no more than an 8 ASTM 4214 rating for chalking, and the color may not have changed more than 5 Delta E units. 

AAMA 2603 – These coatings are guaranteed durable for at least a year and are ideal for light traffic and low pigment applications like residential windows, fencing, and handrails. There must be no cracking or adhesion loss, or any other structural issues in the coat. Color must only have been altered slightly. These coatings are also very resistant to abrasion, impact, chemical, and corrosion resistance after this period.

Whether your company is looking to apply AAMA rated powder coating, or simply has architectural applications in mind, our facilities are equipped to suit your needs.

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