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Mil-Spec: Military Specification Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings, also known as CARCs, play an integral role in our nation’s defense due to their unique properties. These coatings protect equipment and personnel from radioactive, biological, and chemical threats. At Crest Coating, we are proud of our status as a Mil-spec Approved Applicator through the TIGER Drylac 5 Star Applicator program. 

What is a Mil-Spec Chemical Agent Resistant Coating?

The United States Military has high standards when it comes to equipment performance. Every detail matters to ensure safety, durability, and quality all the way down to equipment and vehicle coating. Only specially-designed products can claim to meet Military Specifications (Mil-Spec). A Chemical Agent Resistant Coating must meet military specifications in order to be produced as a CARC.

A Tactical Necessity

Color and gloss can aid in camouflage, but safety comes from these surfaces being durable and resistant to chemical hazards that can harm personnel. Ordinary paints and coatings are porous and absorb radioactive, biological, or chemical agents. The advantages of a CARC are chemical resistance, ease of decontamination, and camouflage.

CARC is a more recent advancement in military coating technology. It was developed as a response to the biological agents and hazardous chemicals present on modern battlefields that had lingering effects on equipment surfaces. In 1985, CARC was implemented in most military vehicles and equipment because the bulk of hazardous chemicals bead off the surface while the rest is easily decontaminated.

Soldiers & military personnel put their trust into CARC’s ability to resist hazards and be thoroughly decontaminated. Only a select few manufacturers are licensed to produce CARC coatings for the military. Crest Coating is an approved applicator of CARC coatings from Tiger Drylac.

The Advantages of Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings

The first main advantage of CARC is chemical resistance. CARC makes vehicles and equipment impervious to chemical agents because it is non-absorbent. Any chemical, biological, or radioactive agents remain on the surface and cannot penetrate into the equipment. This prevents the risk of transferring harmful agents to personnel once the surface has been decontaminated.

The second main advantage of CARC is easier decontamination. Decontamination is the time-consuming and expensive process of removing harmful agents from the surface of equipment and vehicles. CARC paint makes this process easier by being extremely resistant to hazardous agents. CARC’s durability also means it can handle the stress of decontamination agents and solvents time after time.

The third main advantage of CARC is that it offers built-in camouflage against infrared. CARC paint is made with a special pigment package that enhances the vehicle and its equipment’s ability to go undetected by infrared cameras. 

We are a TIGER Drylac 5 Star Applicator of CARC and Mil-Spec Coatings

At Crest Coating, we are a CARC Approved Applicator and have experience in the US Military Powder Coating market. As a Tiger Drylac 5 Star program member, our business has access to exclusive CARC products and services and is annually inspected by the TIGER AFS team. 

Only TIGER Drylac 5 Star Applicators have exclusive access to TIGER Drylac CARC Mil-Spec products. These coatings were specifically developed to meet the most stringent requirements of technical performance that are laid out by the United States Military. 

These CARC coatings are:

  • Solvent-free, VOC-free, zero emissions, environmentally friendly.
  • Superior durability and corrosion protection.
  • Batch-to-batch consistency and recyclability.
  • The longer life cycle of components keeping high operability
  • Reduced maintenance cycles, therefore, lower refurbishing costs.

What it takes to be a Chemical Agent Resistant Coating Applicator

It takes dedication and care to meet the rigorous technical and administrative demands of CARC application. Crest Coating meets these demands with proper pretreatment, superior application equipment, and strict quality control procedures. Our consistent, high-quality results align with MIL-PRF-32348, the United States’ military standard for applying Chemical Agent Resistant Coating. 

Trust Us With Your Mil-Spec Chemical Agent Resistant Coating Needs

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