The Benefits Of Using Mold Release Coatings

Mold release coatings are a game-changer for industries that use molds in their manufacturing process. A high-quality mold release coating saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on temporary release agents. Furthermore, these coatings provide the mold with a low-friction, high-release surface that extends the life of the mold and improves the consistency and appearance of the products produced over the life of the mold.

Mold release coatings involve applying a permanent coating to the molding surfaces.  There is no “one-size-fits-all” coating that works for everything,  so Crest Coating will investigate each application based on a number of factors to recommend a coating system that is specifically tailored to suit the task at hand.  Common mold-release coatings include fluoropolymers such as FEP, PFA, PTFE,  among others. Each coating excels in offering a range of properties including high temperature resistance, high-release, low coefficient of friction, superior abrasion & wear resistance, easy-clean surface, easier decontamination, and even food & medical grade approval from the FDA.

Mold Release Coatings Replace Expensive Mold Release Sprays

Crest Coating offers mold release coatings that can last for thousands of cycles, reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and ultimately save you money. Temporary mold release sprays & oils are comparably expensive, time-consuming, and inconsistent in their effectiveness. They need to be reapplied frequently, require excessive clean-up, and slow down production. Furthermore, the inconsistent use of temporary mold release sprays can affect the appearance of a molded component.  By using high-quality mold release coatings from Crest, you can skip the extended clean-up and hassle of mold release sprays and have confidence that your process will work consistently for the life of the coating. Opting to have a mold release coating applied to your machinery also protects workers from exposure to the harsh chemicals in conventional mold release agents, and can reduce the dangers of slip-hazards in the molding facility.

Mold Release Coatings Can Benefit Any Industry

Many industries depend on mold release coatings to keep operations running smoothly when the efficiency, cleanliness, and a high-quality appearance matter.

Mold Release Coatings Are Ideal For Cleanroom Manufacturing.

When a company needs a part produced in a clean environment, temporary release sprays are not an option as they can contaminate the product and damage delicate parts. Crest’s mold release coatings are especially useful in the healthcare and microchip manufacturing industries to keep cleanrooms contaminant-free.

Mold Release Coatings Are Ideal For Industrial Bakeries

Teflon is one of the most popular manufacturers of FDA-compliant mold release coatings for durability, temperature resistance, and consistent performance. Applying oils and grease to batters or mold surfaces can lead to inconsistent release and can even alter the look and taste of baked goods.  Furthermore, oil & grease creates a buildup that must be cleaned regularly. Our mold-release and bakeware coatings offer consistency that oils simply cannot, while reducing overall costs considerably. 

Cosmetic Considerations

A mold release coating comes in direct contact with the material being molded. Make your powder coat expert aware of cosmetic considerations like surface texture preferences and color purity demands. Many mold-release coatings can add a surface texture or create a glossy surface. Because mold release coatings are resistant to surface buildup, they all benefit the color-purity of the final product by avoiding buildup on the mold’s surface.

How To Pick The Right Mold Release Coating

The mold release coating is compatible with a wide range of molding processes and materials, which means that working with a coating professional is the best option when choosing a coating material. The experts at Crest Coating, Inc. are familiar with the specific demands of different molding techniques and the challenges of releasing different materials.  The coating process is compatible with a variety of techniques such as casting, injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, and dip molding.

Food Safe and FDA-approved mold release coatings are available for the food processing and medical industries.  These fluoropolymer coatings are highly resistant to decontamination and cleaning processes & chemicals, making them ideal for a wide range of industries. These coatings are excellent for work with rubbers, thermoplastics, silicone, nylon, industrial sealing, adhesives, and more.

The Right Applicator Can Make All The Difference

A wide variety of mold release coatings are formulated to perform to specific standards, so working with a coating expert is key to making the right selection and ensuring it will be applied with precision and care. Crest Coating is an ISO Certified Quality Applicator so whatever the mold, we can help your business achieve the best results possible. 

Trust Us with Coating Your Medical Equipment

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