Mold Release Coating Saves Time And Money

Mold Release Coating

The Benefits Of Using Mold Release Coatings Mold release coatings are a game-changer for industries that use molds in their manufacturing process. A high-quality mold release coating saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on temporary release agents. Furthermore, these coatings provide the mold with a low-friction, high-release surface that extends the life…

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Understanding Medical Grade Coatings

Medical Grade Coatings - Crest Coating

Why Medical Grade Coatings Save Lives When patient outcomes and staff safety are on the line, the application and quality of medical grade coatings save lives. From a hospital environment, to a medical device factory, to a medical device implanted in a patient, people depend on these coatings to protect them. Medical grade coatings have…

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Microchip Manufacturers Rely on High-Purity Coating

high-purity coating

As microchip sizes shrink, the threat that microscopic contaminants have on their performance increases. That’s where high-purity coating comes in. Cleanliness is everything in the semiconductor industry as contaminants are measured in micrometers. A contaminant can be anything from a particle of dust to moisture in the air.  With Semiconductors, Small Contaminants Matter High-purity coating…

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