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Understanding Medical Grade Coatings

Why Medical Grade Coatings Save Lives

When patient outcomes and staff safety are on the line, the application and quality of medical grade coatings save lives. From a hospital environment, to a medical device factory, to a medical device implanted in a patient, people depend on these coatings to protect them.

Medical grade coatings have a wide range of applications. In hospitals, on banisters, at nurse stations, and other high-touch surfaces antimicrobial powder coats are used to inhibit the growth of hazardous infectious diseases like MRSA, staph, and E-coli. In the operating room, electrical equipment must be highly insulated to protect the patient, and these insulating coatings must be chemically inert and be easy to decontaminate. Long after a patient leaves the hospital, they may have medical devices and tubing connected to their body. This is when the bio-compatibility and anticorrosion properties of an FDA-approved medical-grade coating are truly put to the test.

Keep reading to understand the different properties to look for in a medical-grade coating, different varieties, and their application.

The Properties of Medical-Grade Powder Coating

At Crest Coating, our knowledgeable team can help you find the perfect coating based on your end-use. Anticorrosion, decontamination, bio-compatibility, electrical insulation, and antimicrobial resistance are some of the biggest deciders alongside more technical properties like anti-abrasion, temperature tolerance, and more.

Anticorrosion and Decontamination

Constant exposure to abrasive cleaners can wear down a surface, creating pits and pockets where pathogens and hazardous material can collect. When people are recovering from surgery or illness, rust and contaminants are especially dangerous. A powder coating with anti-corrosive properties protects surfaces from deteriorating. This saves hospitals money as well.


Devices that go in the body need to be FDA-approved as safe. The FDA uses the ISO standard of testing to determine whether coatings are safe for short-term or long-term use. These coatings have proven safe for implantation in the body or in contact with body fluids.

Electrical Insulation

Electrical devices are frequently coated to insulate them and protect them. In a medical environment, contact with body fluids and other electrical tools means that these insulating coatings must be biocompatible and highly durable.

Antimicrobial Properties

Hospitals are places of healing, but without proper sanitization, patients can contract serious diseases during their stay. This is why hospitals opt to use an antimicrobial coating on high-touch or highly contaminated surfaces. These coatings use a range of properties to ensure they can be easily cleaned and inhibit the growth of pathogens like staph or MRSA. Pathogens have a difficult time creating colonies and growing on these surfaces. Some antimicrobial coatings can use ions to kill some bacteria strains on contact.

ISO Certification – Quality Application Is Key

When it comes to a medical coating’s ability to endure and protect, picking the correct coating is only half of the equation. Crest Coating is ISO Certified for meeting ISO 9001:2015, meaning we offer consistent application quality and internal management processes. We have traceability on our processes to look back if a quality issue arises down the line. We can track details such as the chemicals in our pretreatment systems, verify the proper blast profile, track the batch number for the coating material, ensure a proper cure cycle, see which staff member worked on each job, and much more. Traceability and proven quality are essential for ensuring the safety of your medical devices.

Trust Us with Coating Your Medical Equipment

Crest Coating, Inc., established in 1967, has unsurpassed experience and knowledge in industrial powder coating services and exotic liquid coatings. For over 40 years, we have retained the status of Chemours Licensed Industrial Applicator and Approved Applicator for Whitford Xylan®, Halar®, BCS Technologies, and other exotic coatings. We have experience working on complex projects and providing expertise and support for our clients’ needs.

At Crest Coating, we value the extensive coating and application knowledge of our staff, who have decades of experience. To find the right coating for your next project, fill out this quick form today, or contact one of our experts by calling 714-635-7090.