What are the alternatives to Halar ECTFE coating?

coatings facility floor

Halar coating has been unavailable for most of 2021, so Crest Coating has alternatives ready to go! FAQ:  I can’t find Halar coating anywhere, what can I do? I can’t count the number of times I’ve received calls asking about Halar ECTFE availability over the past year. With the global supply chain in turmoil, it…

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Understanding Medical Grade Coatings

Medical Grade Coatings - Crest Coating

Why Medical Grade Coatings Save Lives When patient outcomes and staff safety are on the line, the application and quality of medical grade coatings save lives. From a hospital environment, to a medical device factory, to a medical device implanted in a patient, people depend on these coatings to protect them. Medical grade coatings have…

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