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Architectural and AAMA Rated Powder Coatings

Architectural and AAMA Rated Powder Coatings

May 6, 2021

Not All Powder Coats Are Created Equal High-quality powder coating is essential to improving the functionality, appearance, and lifespan of architectural structures like doors, windows, railings, and other essentials. Not all powder…

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mil-spec coating

Mil-Spec: Military Specification Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings

Mar 19, 2021

Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings, also known as CARCs, play an integral role in our nation’s defense due to their unique properties. These coatings protect equipment and personnel from radioactive, biological, and chemical…

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specialty coatings

Why ISO Certification Matters

Mar 13, 2021

When it comes to professional coatings, there is little to no margin for error.  A slight variation in coating thickness of one-thousandth of an inch (.001”) could lead to the whole project…

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High Tempurature Coatings

Robotic Spraying Systems for Coatings

Feb 12, 2021

Here at Crest Coating, our highest priority is providing consistent quality and exceeding our customers’ most demanding requirements.  In our decades of operation, we have worked hard to stay at the forefront…

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colorful high temperature powder coating

Is Powder Coating Heat Resistant?

Dec 17, 2020

Its durability and affordability have made our high temperature powder coating a favorite amongst our clients. With its ability to adhere strongly to most metals, powder coating is a great option to…

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Powder Coating

When to Choose Nylon Powder Coating

Nov 24, 2020

When it comes to the powder coatings we provide, every one of our clients has unique needs that must be addressed. This means that our team meticulously researches the constraints of each…

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About Xylan Coatings: Series Numbers and Properties

Oct 23, 2020

Find the properties that match up to your needs. Xylan coatings offer a wide range of properties that create a heat-resistant, highly impermeable, low-friction surface. Because of these features, Xylan coatings are…

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Specialty Powder

Quality Checklist for Industrial Coatings

Oct 23, 2020

Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to industrial coatings. Crest Coating specializes in industrial powder, Teflon, and liquid coatings. Our highest priority is consistent quality and exceeding our customers’ most…

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Polymer Silver Ions

How Do Antimicrobial Coatings Work?

May 8, 2020

Additives such as silver ions inhibit germ growth.

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The Key Factors When Quoting Coating Jobs

Apr 16, 2020

Asking the right questions quickly narrows down the options.

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Crest Coating Is Essential Business for Manufacturing

Mar 25, 2020

Crest remains open during the California “Safer at Home” order.

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Teflon Coatings

Why Does Teflon™ Have Such a Stellar Reputation?

Feb 12, 2020

The reputation of Teflon™ coatings comes from a commitment to quality.

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